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The Library's resources include over 4,000 books concerning the National Guard and military history, as well as archival documents related to the Guard, the National Guard Association (NGAUS), and associated organizations.  Library texts and archives include state Adjutant General reports--some dating back to the early twentieth century, copies of the Army Register, past issues of National Guard magazine, as well as the minutes from NGAUS's annual General Conference.  Photographs and slides, letters, periodicals, and division- and unit-specific histories are also housed in the Library.  Most resources cover twentieth-century history, but select documents date back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Archival collections include documents donated by former NGAUS historian Major General Bruce Jacobs, the papers of former NGAUS presidents such as Major General Ellard A. Walsh, and documents collected by the former National Guard magazine editor Colonel Allan G. Crist.  In addition, information about the National Guard Memorial Building, NGAUS committee meeting minutes, and a small collection of films are available.

For specific inquiries about the Library's collection, please contact the archivist at amelia.meyer@ngaus.org.


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