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Abdallah, Norm Captain 290th FCSS Florida
Abrahamson, Jon Lieutenant Colonel 248th AVN Bn, HQ STARC Iowa
Abrahamson, Monna NA Indiana
Adams, Christopher Lt Col 150th Fighter Wing, Base Civil Engineer 150th Civil Engineer Squadron, Commander New Mexico
Adolf, Kellie First Lieutenant WY ANG, AZ ANG Arizona
Agogto, Heriberto CSM A Troop 124 Cav 36th Inf DivTexas
Aguirre, PaulMajHQ's, AZ ANG 161st Air Refueling Wing JCNTF 416th Air Traffic Control Platoon (ARNG) 167th S&S (ARNG)
Ahonen, Ronald CW4 HQ, DISCOM, HQ STARC MD Maryland
Alexander, Richard Major General 137th ARTY Bn,16th Eng Ohio
Alexander, Willie Major General HQ STARC AL, AL ARNG Alabama
Alford, Marcus R.CaptainC/1-230th CavalryTennessee
Allen, Howard PaulSGT860th Military Police CompanyArizona
Allen, Thomas Lieutenant Colonel 110 Fighter WingMichigan
Allen, Mark Maryland
Almeter, Richard Lt. Col. 150SFS (Security Forces Squadron)New Mexico
Ambrose, Thorne Colonel South Carolina Air National GuardSouth Carolina
Andersh, LaVerne Colonel Co A, 196 Inf, 153 Engr Bn South Dakota
Anderson, Kenneth Lieutenant Colonel Iowa
Anderson, Donald BG 2/136 Inf., 47th Inf. Div.Arizona
Ando, PaulLieutenant Colonel108th Combat Support Group, McGuire AFBNew Jersey
Aragon, Rita Colonel 137 AW, HQ OK Oklahoma
Arflach, George CW4 Kentucky
Arflack, Norman Brigadier General HQ KY STARC, 2/123d AR Co Cmdr, XO, Dep Chief of StaffKentucky
Arnold, Larry Major General 147 FW, 177 FW Texas
Arnold, Linda Texas
Arnold, LawrenceCaptainSouth Carolina
Arnold, Richard
Artero, Audie O-3 245 CES Guam
Arthur, Chester Brigadier General New York
Arzoomanian, Victor Colonel 2-113th Infantry, HQ 44th Division, HQ 50th Armored Divison, HQNew Jersey
Ashcraft, Pamela Ohio
Ashcraft, Myron Brigadier General
Ashenhurst, Deborah Colonel 73rd Troop Com, 112 Medical BdeOhio
Atkinson, John Major General 30th HSB (MECH) HQ 1st ArmyNorth Carolina
Augustine, David Lieutenant Colonel 110 FW, 163 ARW, 163 TFG Michigan
Aukland, DuncanLTCState Area Command and Joint Force Headquarters, Ohio
Ault, Norman Colonel 154 CAM Squad Hawaii
Averitt, Richard Brigadier General 256 Inf Bde (M), HQ STARC Louisiana
Axtell, Russell Brigadier General 184th BombWingKansas
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