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Haakenson, Harvey Brigadier General North Dakota
Haerr, Michael Major 66 BDE, 1/131 INBN Illinois
Hagan, Roger CMSgt120th FIG, 142nd FIG, 120th FW, JFHQ-MTNGMontana
Hagler, Carla First Lieutenant 126F MED Co (AA),629 MI Bn Maryland
Hall, Jason
Halverson, Robert Major General 49 Armored Div. Texas
Handy, John Brigadier General 113 WG, HQ DCANG District of Columbia
Hansen, Murray Lieutenant Colonel Georgia
Hargett, Gus MG The Adjutant General of Tennessee Tennessee
Harper, Clyde Chief Master Sargeant
Harris, Arthur CM Sgt Headquarters Indiana ANG Indiana
Harris, David Major General 933rd MP Co, 33rd MP BN, 44th RAOC, STARC HQIllinois
Harrison, Ronald MG Florida
Harrison, Benjamin Brigadier General Indiana
Harrison, William Major General Kentucky
Hart, Joe Colonel 169thFG, South Carolina
Hartley, Jim Lieutenant Colonel 169 Fighter Wing, 245 ATCSSouth Carolina
Haugen, Michael Brigadier General ND ANG North Dakota
Haws, John Colonel 144 Evac Hos, 97 Trp Com, UTUtah
Hayes, Rutherford Major General Ohio
Hayes, John Master Sergeant HQ&HQ BTRY 568th FA BNNebraska
Hearon, Erik Colonel 172 Airlift Wing Mississippi
Hearr, Michael Major
Heath, Thomas Colonel CTANG, ST HQ Connecticut
Heaton, Kencil Colonel 110 FW, HQ MI ANG, 127 FW Michigan
Henderson, Raymond Colonel 137th Eng Bat, HQSouth Dakota
Henderson, Stephen Lieutenant Colonel 1/244 AVN Bn, HQ US Army Ctr Louisiana
Hensen, Kay Major 16th Eng Bde, 371st Corps Sup Ohio
Henson, Debbie Lieutenant Colonel 153 Airlift Wing Wyoming
Herbert, Don LTC 150 TRANS BN Co. C 198 TK BN31st Inf. Div. Mississippi
Hershey, Brett SpecialistHHC, 77th Separate Infantry Brigade Joint operation cell for Task Force Phoenix AfganistanIndiana
Hester, Leigh SGT Kentucky
Hetzell, Allen CW4 Det 7, OSACOM Co C, 1/126th Avn Co C, 1/106th Avn Co D, 150th AvnDelaware
Hicks, Joe Major 90th Troop Command Oklahoma
Hiester, Michael Master Sergeant76th Separate Infantry BrigadeIndiana
Higdon, Dennis Major General 164 MED Sqd, HQ, TNANG Tennessee
Higgins, James Brigadier General 120 FW MT ANG Montana
Hinger, David Major 122 FW, HQ INANG Indiana
Hoffmann, DonaldStaff SergeantColorado
Holman, Frank BG New Jersey
Holmes, Jeremiah SGT 744th Transportation CompanyNew Hampshire
Hood, Stanley Colonel157 Fighter Squadron 169 Operational Support Flt 169 Civil Engineering Sqd 169 Fighter Wing SCANG HQSouth Carolina
Horn, Randy Major General New Mexico
Horn, Brian Spc/E-4 C-133rd Signal BnIllinois
Horne, Peter Major Rhode Island
Houdarson, Raymond Colonel
Howard, Lynn Lieutenant Colonel 128 TFW, 115 FW, HQ WIANG Wisconsin
Howard, Ronald CPT 122nd SPT Center 122nd RAOCGeorgia
Howard, Ronald CPT 122nd SPT Center 122nd RAOCGeorgia
Huden, Harold Colonel 141FIG, NGB, HQ WA ANG Washington
Hudy, Carol CW3 16th Eng Brg, HQ STARC Ohio
Huebsch, Bryan1st LieutenantHHC 1-632nd AR HHC 32nd SIB (L) HHC 264th ENG GP 229th Horiz EN CO CBHCO-WI
Hunt, Wayne Lieutenant Colonel New Jersey
Hupman, Lynnette LTC 67th Support BN HQ, STARC Nebraska
Huss, Darin CPT Nebraska
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