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Maciolek, Gregory Colonel 171 FIS, 191 FIG, PMEC Michigan
MacMillian, David Lieutenant Colonel 112 TFG, 171 ARW Pennsylvania
Madagan, JosephMajor, AUS (Ret)Company A, 1st Bn, 632nd Armor, 32nd Inf Brigade (Sep)Merrill, WI. Combat Support Company, 1st Bn, 632nd Armor, 32nd Inf Brigade (Sep) Wausau, WI. Battery C, 2nd Bn, 111th Arty VAARNG, Newport News,VA. Battery C, 1st Bn, 111th Arty, VAANG, Emporia, VAWisconsin
Madison, James Colonel Virginia
Magill, William Captain 102 FW Massachusetts
Magill, Doris
Magill, William Sgt Guard Unit 102 Engineers New York
Magill, Raymond Colonel 135th Spec. Opns. Gp., 102FW Massachusetts
Magill, David Major 102 FW Massachusetts
Magill, Raymond Lieutenant Colonel 102 FW Massachusetts
Maguire, Stephen Major 105 AW, Stewart ANG B New York
Makal, Thomas Colonel 2nd Battle Group, 128th Infantry. 2nd Infantry Brigade, 32nd Infantry Division. 32nd Infantry Brigade.Wisconsin
Mallires, Dean Brigadier General 33 Infantry Brigade Illinois
Mallory, Theodore Major General 164AW-118 AW, HQ TN Tennessee
Marlar, Timothy LT Col. 1st Bn 161st Field Artillery, 35th Div. Artillery, 1st Bn 127th FA, 169th Engineer CO.Kansas
Marler, Danny Colonel 1Bn 171 FA, HQ, STARC OK Oklahoma
Massey, Larry Chief Warrant Officer Five HHB 2d Bn 150th FA, 38th Inf Div, Indiana Army National Guard HHSB 2d Bn 150th FA, 38th Inf Div, Indiana Army National Guard 38th Adjutant General Company, Indiana Army National Guard Headquarters (Minus) State Area Command –Indiana Indiana
Matthews, Robert Colonel 172 Airlift Wing Mississippi
Matthias, Jane Ms.
Mauch, Kathleen CW2 HHD NDARNG North Dakota
Mauden, Brian Colonel 184 TFG Kansas
Mayfield, Bobby Colonel 249 Sig Bat,111 Area Sup Group Texas
McAlister, Tony CW4 STARC South Carolina
McAndrews, Kevin Major 111th Public Affairs Detachment 113th Infantry (Mechanized)Nebraska
McAninch, Robert CW3 315th AUN, Co C AVN West Virginia
McAvoy, Laurie Major 102 Fighter Wing Massachusetts
McAvoy, William Airman 1st Class 102 Fighter Wing Massachusetts
McCann, Denise LTC NGB, HQ STARC, Dep COS attached to Army G-3/5/7 from NGB, Specialities: Personnel, Force Management and PPBES. Georgia
McCarter, Mark Lieutenant Colonel 3-135 AVN, HQ, 35 AWN Bde Missouri
McClure, James Lieutenant Colonel 123rd Wing KYANG Kentucky
McCormick, Frederick Colonel HQ STARC, WMA, 64th RAOCWisconsin
MCCRAE, ERIK 1LT D/2-162 IN and E-82 CAVOregon
McCreary, Val BG Washington
McCreary, Val Brigadier General
McCullough, Jim Colonel HQ, STARC Iowa
McCurdy, George Colonel 232nd, 280th, 226th Alabama
McCutchin, David Brigadier General HQ AL ANG Alabama
McDaniel, Sidney Lieutenant Colonel 213th MED BDE, RTM-MED Mississippi
McDermott, James Colonel HHC 38th ID, DISCOM, 738 MaintIndiana
McDonald, Jean Lieutenant Colonel 34th Division Minnesota
McDonald, Gregory First Lieutenant 119 Fighter Wing North Dakota
McEnulty, MichaelColonel139th AW
McGinn, Francis1LT101 Inf BN Dorchester MA 706th MP BN 767th Truck BN
McGinn, Francis79th Troop CMD
McGlasson, Wilford Colonel Associate Editor, National Guard Magazine, NGAUSKansas
McGrady, JosephColonel102 FW
McGuire, Frederick Capt. Hgt HQ OV 2nd Bn 129th Inf, 44th Div 170th Tal Fighter SQ, 108th F.I.S., 108th A.R.S.-126th A.R.W.Illinois
McHenry, Michael Colonel 214 Maint Co, HQ STARC, Ohio
McKee, Willis Colonel 475 MASH, ST Area Command Kentucky
McKinley, CraigLt. Gen.Florida
McKinley, Eric SPCOregon
McKinley, Jr., William Major Ohio
McKinstry, Charles Lieutenant Colonel 170 Air Refueling Gp,108 TFW New Jersey
McKnight, WilliamCOLHQ, TN ARNG Tennessee
McKnight, JaredSGT278th ACR Tennessee
McKnight, WilliamMAJFA, 278th ACRTennessee
McLaughlin, MichaelLTC1/229th Field Artillery, Headquarters Battery, Service Battery, Battery A and Battery B, 1/107th Field Artillery, Headquarters Battery and Service Battery 28th Infantry Division Artillery, Headquarters Battery, 2nd Brigade Combat Team Pennsylvania
McMillan, W. Major Adjutant HHD, 50th Regional Support Group Captain Co E/1-11th AVN, HQ 260 MI Florida
McTague, Linda Colonel 201 AS, 113 LS District of Columbia
Melcher, Kathryn2LTB-1/104th ARB
Mercer, Don Captain 4th297th, 207th ANP Alaska
Mercer, ClaudeSGM, retiredCo E, 2nd Bn, 107th ACR, Dayton, OH; 3582nd Trans Co (Tactical Carrier), 112th Trans Bn (Tac Car), Dayton, OH; HHB, 1st Bn (AW) (SP), 371st ADA Gp, 174th ADA, Dayton, OH; HHC, 372nd Engr Bn (C) (A), 134th Engr Gp, 16th Engr Gp, Kettering, OH; HHD, 226th Engr Bn (Mod), Wichita, KS
Meyer, Margaret COL 13th EVAC WIARNG HQ STARC WIARNGWisconsin
Miles, JohnLTC221st Combat Commo Sq.(CANG) A Co., 1/160th Inf CMA (OCS) CSC Co., 1/160th Inf D Co., 3/160th Inf later USARCalifornia
Miller, DouglasChief Warrant Officer 4Salisbury, North Carolina
Miller, MykelPrivate First Class3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon, B Company, 1st Battalion, 158th Infantry and PRT Qalat (in Afghanistan)Arizona
Miller, David CMS CMA, 169th FA Bde,1/57th FA Colorado
Miller, Michael Colonel 183TFG, 163TFG, 131TFW,NGB Missouri
Miller, WilliamColonelIdaho ANGIdaho
Millis, Marc Captain 60 Troop Cmd, HQ STARC TX North Carolina
Minde, George Major HQ, 76 Inf Bde, CCo Indiana
Mitchell, Robert Major General HQ MDI Indiana
Moeller, Michelle Captain 103 Medical Squadron Connecticut
Monroe, James Lieutenant Colonel Virginia
Montgomery, Charles Sergeant 134th Mercer Pennsylvania
Moore, Kenneth Lieutenant Colonel 45 FA Bde, HQ, STARC OK Oklahoma
Moore, Michael Colonel 177 FW, 108 ARW New Jersey
Moorman, Holsey Brig. General NJ ARNG New Jersey
Morgan, James Colonel 642 Maint. Co, JFHQ-NMNew Mexico
Morrow, Don Major General 217 EngBn, 739 Maint Bn,25 RAOC Arkansas
Morton, Jeffrey120th Regional Support GroupMaine
Mrozimski, Wayne Colonel 128 ACS, HQ RING,102 ACS Rhode Island
Mullin, Henry Colonel 150th TFG New Mexico
Muncrief, Arnold Colonel 90th Troop Command Oklahoma
Murrell, StanleyColonel3D BN 133D Field Artillery, State HQ TXARNG, NGB
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